One Hour ONLINE Beginners Guide


Are you just beginning your photog journey?

Are you unsure of camera settings and scared of manual mode?

Do you need help with prompts and posing?

THIS is the perfect place to start.

With the Beginners Guide, I will break down gear, camera settings, lighting, prompts, posing and more.

Included with your purchase --

  • Questionnaire - I will send you a questionnaire to get to know you and what you're wanting out of your mentorship.
  • ONE HOUR VIDEO CHAT where we will go over all of your questions and topics of your choosing

Anything and everything I struggled with when starting my photography business will be addressed in this guide.

*50% retainer is due at booking. Remaining balance is due a week before your session.

Keep in mind the Beginners Guide does not dive into the details of business and editing. This mentorship is to go over the basics of starting a photography business. You will learn how to properly use your camera, what programs I use for business and editing, how I set up my sessions and deliver the final images.

If you would like to dig deeper into the business or editing aspect of photography, please check out my Virtual Mentorships!